Words Help

Words help.

That goes without saying.

See what I did there?

I don’t either.

It’s been awhile, filled with long days and pleasant nights (and Valentine cards).

Anxiety still rears his ugly, little head once in a while, that bastard. Reading Scott Stossel’s book on his life with anxiety really keeps one from bitching too much about it, though.

Some excitement is in order. What else to do with all this excess cortisol and adrenaline?

New gig dates for 2016 those who keep up with my music toiling.

More trickling words on the page. It has been slow, but my sci-fi novel writing continues. Looking to have the first draft completed before I die year-end.

Actually, there are some exciting news that make my writing muse proud.

One of my stories, Clay Baby, will appear in this year’s volume #32 of the long-running (and newly revived) WeirdBook Magazine. I’ve already read issue #31 and loved it.  WeirdBook #31       I am deeply honored and excited. Many thanks to their editor Douglass Draa for diggin’ the tale.

EMP Publishing has accepted one of my cheery stories (they’re actually all the opposite of cheery), Pigtails. It should appear in the 2nd quarter run of their Creepy Campfire Quarterly publication. Thanks to managing editor, Jennifer Word.

More updates will be posted as dates are confirmed.

Thanks to each of you that continue to support and encourage. Not just toward me, but toward each other.

Love. Love. Love.


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