I’m So Clazee


Define it.

Okay. Simple.

It means: CRAZY

But try to define across ethnicity.

Every seen an aborigine from Australia go nuts?

How about a Scotsman giving you a Scottish Kiss just because he doesn’t like the way you look?

Japanese don’t like getting backed in a corner (well, at least in the Human Centipede movie, they don’t).

There’s an ongoing joke about crazy Korean mothers in the US.

And, sadly/admirably, much of it is true. At least in my corner of childhood.

They are stern. Tough. Push. Go nuts when you screw up. And won’t stand for any form of disrespect or failure.

Of course, that type of crazy parenting can also define a Southern Momma from the Bible belt. (Love you, Darren Knight)

One thing I learned most about my heritage, though, is that Koreans (American or Fresh-off-the-Boaters) are passionate folks. I’m talking ‘Soap Opera’ Korean style. Crying. Slapping the ground and writhing in agony with loathing and suffering. And the next day? All better. That’s just crazy.

I’m friends with a close-knit Italian family. The love in the family is SO intense. And so are the family arguments. To the point of boiling hatred, followed by kiss-on-the-cheek making up. And then next day? All better. That’s just crazy.

Within a single piece of land, the definition of crazy becomes a litmus test that ranges from blue to red crazy.

And with that comes the cultural defining of rationale. Because the difference between your form of crazy is much different from Kim Jong-un.

He can hang with Dennis Rodman one minute and then execute ranking military officials the next minute like Darth Vader. Nuclear bombs and nepotistic egomania aside, he houses the Korean-crazy inside. It’s not the cool killing instincts of Clint Eastwood’s ‘man-with-no-name.’ Not Hannibal’s cannibal appetite. Not Black Jack Randall crazy. But it is there. Inherent and brooding.

And stirring it. Provoking it in the honor of patriotism is a serious deal. Because he may just go nuts. Because he so ‘rone-ree’ just like his father.

Maybe a couple of good ole boys can take him out and end the tyranny. Or maybe crazy takes over and brings on the real goods of nuclear warfare. The key should be to understand what your enemies’ craziness is. No matter how much bigger your muscles are. Because when you flex, the crazy might take out the innocent. The sane.

Understand crazy.

Not yours.

But theirs.


Love to you all.






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