Do it more. Do it often.

At a wedding gig in Kentucky.

(Ah, Kentucky, how I write about thee)

Along comes the drummer while I’m screwing around, tinkering on other people’s music gear. That’s what you do when you can’t drink, eat or do anything remotely basic. You go tinker-tinker on other people’s gear.

I’ll admit I was deep in the Ima-goin-impress-everahbodeh-lissenin.

So dude drummer says, “You really piss me off.”

I laugh. It’s an honest laugh because I’m sober.

“You can do this stuff,” he says. I like this guy. He’s really dialed to one setting: no bullshit. He likes hugs. Really likes hugs.

I say, “What do you mean?”

He’s Paul McCartney to my Stevie, sidling up next to me on a $2k synth. Me tinkering some more. Tinker. Tinker.

He tells me I can do this stuff. What stuff?

“You can play music.”

My answer is like the Japanese word: Soh.

He goes, “Well if you can do it, why aren’t the hell you doing it all the time?”

I had no answer and I still don’t. It’s not a cathartic moment in time or a sense of revelation, but — damn– it’s a kick in the balls. Because I don’t normally sing, play and all that. Normally, I’m doing anything but that.

You go years wading along and getting by, and then someone comes along and gives you a bitch-slap of reality with: Why aren’t you doing what you love?


Why aren’t you?

What’s holding you back?

It’s like that part of Good Will Hunting where Chuckie tells Will he’ll kill him if he sees him around in the next fifty years sluggin’ rocks at a construction site. It’s an insult.

Others perceive of you in a way, probably negatively. Your talents, your traits are laid out to them whether they tell you or not, and it affects them. They gauge you and try to understand your level of success based on your talents. Normally, kill all that and ignore what they think.

All you can do is all you can do, but I’m glad this guy took the time to give me not only a boost of confidence, but a nod in the right direction to say, “Hey, don’t stop what you’re doing. Keep doing it. Do it more. Do it often. Because you’re good at it. It’s what you’re meant to do.”

You, too! Don’t stop what you’re doing. Keep doing it. Do it more. Do it often. And if you see somebody out there who’s not doing what they should be doing, tell them — like this drummer guy. Oh, and give that person hugs. Lots of hugs.


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